Netcad Days In Baku


Netcad6 GIS and Netpro7 workshop was held in Baku on 5th April 2013. The workshop was organized by Netcad’s regional partner Seçkin Harita MMMC to introduce the innovations of Netcad6GIS and Netpro7 to the Azerbaijani users.  More than 100 specialist, administrator and engineers from the public and private sectors participated to this workshop.

In the opening speech, Netcad’s General Manager Ufuk Balcı said” Azerbaijan is very important for Netcad and we have a high opinion of increment of Netcad user numbers in Azerbaijan’s public and private sector.  Netcad’s ongoing project of Azerbaijan real estate and cadaster management and the other developed national projects in this parallel, will positively affect the private sector’s development in the country “Ufuk Balcı has also expressed his appreciation to Seçkin Harita MMC for their support and hosting of this workshop.”
After completion of the Netcad6GIS and Netpro7 workshop, the Netcad user certificates were given to the attendees at the closing ceremony of the workshop.
Netcad’s new destinations for this kind of training program and workshop are Tehran which is full of Netcad success stories for three years and a new door to open Netcad to the new continent, Gana.