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Netcad has developed GIS Solutions for desktop, web, mobile and cloud platforms. All of these solutions feature high performance and compatibility with international standards. Each has, at the core level, years of experience; they do not have license dependencies. The capabilities of our GIS solutions, as well as their performance and robustness, have been proven through thousands of users and hundreds of completed projects. These products have reached more than 20,000 users on 3 continents. They possess many unique features compared to their counterparts.

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Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemleri - GIS ve CBS Çözümleri


Four main products have been developed using the base NETGIS technology.

Desktop CAD and GIS Solution

Geographical Data Server

Web Application Development Solution

The Virtual Globe Solution

The products are referred as 'NETGIS Platform' on this document.

Software developers are the primary targets for the NETGIS Platform. Most of the solutions developed by Netcad itself have also been developed on top of NETGIS.

NETGIS has many facilities to make the developer's work easy.

Development Environment (IDE) Visual Studio is the basic development environment. A convenient integrated environment is also available for simple projects.
N-Tier Architecture Possible to develop for multiple environments such as GLONET, desktop, mobile, web. These environments shares some tiers. Applications developed in this manner may be used both on the desktop and on the web.
Rich API Hundreds of types of objects are available corresponding to various data structures.
Service Oriented  Architecture (SOA) SOA makes development, and integration with the different platforms, easier.
DBMS Independence Write once, use everywhere.
Workflows Developers can easily integrate with available capabilities through operators they write. It makes the development faster and easier; also makes the product work in a more integrated manner. Integrated operation facilitates processes such as training.
Custom Objects It is possible to develop objects with predefined behavior by using Custom Objects. In this manner, it is possible to develop functionalities like a stylized scale bar or a point presenting the weather condition of its location.
NETIGMA NETIGMA is the ideal solution for advanced web development through minimum amount of code development. In addition to its on-site code development capabilities, NETIGMA provides a full API for developers.
Destek Software developers can receive support through the Netcad Portal.


Netcad GIS is one of the primary products in the world in terms of OGC compatibility. Netcad GIS holds all four certificates prescribed in "e-Transformation Turkey Project, Interoperability Guide".

WMS Web Map Service
WFS Web Feature Service
WCS Web Coverage Service
CAT Catalog Service
SFS Simple Features for SQL

Thanks to these certificates, maps, vector data, raster data and metadata can be shared without any compatibility issues. Interoperability is one of the most important criteria for Netcad.

Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemleri - GIS ve CBS Çözümleri

Netcad GIS has moved further ahead of OGC on interoperability issues and developed connection and data sharing solutions for different platforms. Thanks to these solutions, ArcGIS desktop products can easily share data through the NETGIS Server. A data modification by a Netcad user can easily be viewed by an ArcGIS user and a modification by an ArcGIS user can easily be viewed by a Netcad user. Thanks to these capability; NETGIS Server, is the number one candidate as a central data server for GIS applications.

SOA Service Oriented Architecture

Netcad GIS technologies are built on 'SOA' (Service Oriented Architecture) technology. All geographical and verbal data can be shared through SOAP services. Services for features are available together with OGC services. It is easy to access these functionalities for internal or external use. Successful case studies such as “Municipal Interoperability Platform” have been accomplished through the use of these functionalities.

Software developers can create their own SAOP services. Solutions like BELNET, which has been developed on top of Netcad GIS and Netigma realize “Improves Address Services”. Thanks to these services, BELNET has allowed sharing of addresses and other data with police forces, infrastructure companies and other institutions and organizations.

SOA is also one of the most important technologies for the interaction of different platforms and languages (such as Windows and Linux, Java and .NET). You can reach Netcad GIS from anywhere.

Database Management System Independence

Netcad GIS maintains geographical data and attributes in a Database Management System. Solutions are independent of the database vendor whose product is being used. In other words, the same functionalities will be available for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostGIS. The volume of the work that is performed, needs and other limitations shall guide you in choosing a DBMS vendor.  If your data needs change, you can switch to the use of another DBMS within Netcad GIS without any data loss or loss of capabilities, and without any added license fees.

With the database independence, you do not have to make needless investments in advance for a data volume and traffic that you think you will reach in 5 years. In addition, no upgrade charges need to be paid for DBMS for a period of 5 years. Some DBMS's do not have the geographical skills (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server 2003). In this case, the deficiency is remedied by Netcad GIS. If you are using a DBMS with geographical capabilities (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server 2008), this feature is directly supported. In certain cases, this leads to substantial savings in costs.

Netcad GIS products act exactly in the same way with each DBMS that is supported. Missing functionality are provided by Netcad GIS. DBMS is independent in the developed software. Software developers are provided access to DBMS independence and related other capabilities.

Netcad GIS is also successful in terms of performance. The test reports prepared by a university is attached.


Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemleri - GIS ve CBS Çözümleri

Already Tested and Confirmed DBMS's;

DBMS Spatial Capabilities
Microsoft SQL Server 2003  
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Yes
Microsoft SQL Server Express  
Microsoft Access  
Oracle 8.x  
Oracle 9.x  
Oracle 10.x  
Oracle 9.x Spatial Yes
Oracle 10.x Spatial Yes
PostGIS Yes

Versioning and Conflict Management

Netcad GIS products contain versioning support. Thus, one can go back in time and determine the changes that have been applied and also determine the user that has applied that change. Versioning is provided without any loss in performance. Netcad GIS also provides 'Conflict Management'. Conflicts occur when two or more users try to modify the same data at the same time. In this case, the user is prompted for a version to commit, and the commit is applied once the user provides authorization..

GIS Solutions

Disconnected Editing

Netcad GIS has the capability for 'Disconnected Editing'. Therefore, in those cases involving time consuming operations, no network access or where there is the risk for changes to the original data, or on mobile devices, it is still possible to make changes to data. The medium allocated for data organization can be locked and restricted to other users. Netcad GIS also enables, thanks to its conflict management feature, organization of the same field by more than one user.

GIS Solutions - Disconnected Editing

Problem Description-1

• You have a central database. You keep all of your data in this database.
• You would like to integrate the data from the field.
• Therefore, you need to transfer this data to site teams.
• However, transferring all data to everyone/every laptop creates complicated problems in terms of security, capacity use, and the merging of data from multiple data sources.


• NETGIS Server Enterprise is used.
• Site area is selected and the relevant data is locally downloaded. The downloaded data is transferred to laptops before going to the site. The software used on-site (Netcas or other) and the data are combined. Missing parts are completed.
• Back in the office, the data organized on-site is uploaded to the server. The relevant area is versioned.

Upon request, integration of the data that was sent back can be continued in the next day and then can be re-sent to the server. This cycle does not have any drawbacks. Each phase is monitored. With additional software that is to be developed later, it is possible to report the modifications in versions and carry out performance or success tests.

Problem Description-2

• You work in a municipality. You have a central database where all of your data is stored.
• You have parcel data that is continuously updated (e.g. allotments and amalgamations).
• You receive this data from contractors with modification design documents. You would like to update this data conveniently in the head office after committee approvals and registrations.


• NETGIS Server Enterprise is used.
• A standard is determined for incoming data. Everyone acts in compliance with this standard. NETMAP solution provides this standard for cadastral works.
The incoming data is stored. It is sent directly after the committee and registration procedures have been completed.