Manager Oriented Services

Combination of all Urban Information System activities generated in KEOS system with MIS, Document Management System and Digital Archival System and then conversion of these to summary reports that can be used at any level of management. These reports contain tables, maps and graphics so that a manager can identify the data he or she requires. Reports are automatically forwarded to the relevant e-mail address. Moreover, in the report preparation period, the contradictions with previous reports are designated automatically and the system establishes a base for measurements.

• Financial statements such as profit and loss account statements, status of the municipality budget
• Tables indicating accruals, collections, liabilities; thematic maps
• Tables and thematic maps of population movements, of those people who move out of the municipality and those who have recently become residents of the municipality
• Maps and tables indicating breakdown of investments for technical operations
• Tables and thematic maps for places recently issued building permits
• Changes to zoning plans within recent months
• Distribution of complaints registered within the recent weeks, based on neighborhoods and streets