Mobile Solutions Everywhere

Organizations are attaching particular importance to investments enabling access to information anywhere and any time. The ability to access all required information about the city through mobile media, developed using KEOS, substantially increases the work capacity of those teams that operate in the field. When traditional methods were in use, preliminary preparation was needed for field work: mapping related material such as plans, cadastral surveys, or satellite images had to be printed; other documents associated with these drawings, such as licenses, owners lists, also had to be printed and the further data had to be entered on site. However, when data for a bordering parcel was required, it was impossible to eliminate a time-consuming trip back to the municipality building. With the use of mobile applications, the required information is available at your fingertips and all layers can be accessed concurrently.

Our mobile solutions operate on Windows Mobile, IOS and Android devices. Specifically, the increase in the number of IOS and Android devices and the investments of GSM operators for 3G infrastructure in Turkey has made it possible to effectively and efficiently use these devices in the field. The global positioning system (GPS) installed on such devices enables access to information relating to your location to be displayed instantaneously.

Areas of Use

The system, in addition to the comfort it provides for rapid and mobile access to data during one’s daily routine, is also a data collection and evaluation tool thanks to its application software.

• Collecting Place of Business information
• Questionnaires
• Numbering Updates
• Social Welfare Questionnaires
• Field Executions for Technical Works
• Field Executions Municipal Police
• Field Executions for Building Inspections
• Field Executions for Parks and Gardens