Netcad at Geomatic Exhibition in Iran


Netcad participated with its regional partner Parsineh Tarhe Atieh Co. (PTA) to the Geomatic 92 exhibition organized by Iran National Cartography Center (NCC). Netcad was represented by Account Manager Bora Yüzer and Sales Engineer Görkem Öğüt in the exhibition. Having big chances to meet many Iranian GIS managers and users, Netcad staff expressed their positive expectations for increasingly continuation of successful Netcad projects in Iran thanks to the great interest for the Netcad products in the exhibitions.

At the end of the conference, Netcad regional partner PTA was awarded by the exhibition committee for their efforts and supports to the Geomatic 92. Netcad representatives expressed their good wills to support Iranian GIS user with its long year experience and deep knowledge on GIS solution and gave them very good news of starting new marketing campaign in Iran for Netcad products.

With fast growing marketing share in Iranian GIS field thanks to the admirable efforts of its regional partner PTA, Netcad continues to invest in Iran as a result of this great interest shown in the exhibition.