Netcad in Iraq


Netcad International Sales Department organized a workshop to introduce Netcad solutions in the Northern Iraq.  The workshop was held in the Duhok provincial building with the sponsorship of Duhok Water Authority.  The presentation in the workshop was performed by Serdar Yurtseven and Gorkem Ogut.
Twenty two directors, numerous managers, GIS specialist and engineers from Duhok and Erbil cities attended the workshop.  After the workshop, most of the directorates were visited by Netcad staff to identify the requirements and current data situation of the organizations. In the following days, Duhok mayor and the city administrators of Erbil city were visited and introduced with the Netcad City  Automation Solution KEOS.
Having widely involved in in Iraqi market, Netcad is deepening his presence in all around the Middle East.