Project Services

Our company provides project services for municipalities, public institutions, the private sector and universities. Organization-specific project and product analysis is performed, and based on the analysis, information systems are designed and commissioned.  An analysis of the organization’s processes, database design, inter-institutional and in-house integration activities and implementation-related training, are designed.

For areas outside of our domains of expertise, we use a solution-based partnership approach to ensure integration with our various platforms, such as the NETGIS Server Geographical Information System Solution, the Management Information System, the Document Management System, and the Call Center Management System.

CMMI 3 and Project Processes

Your project processes are assured by quality management from the beginning to the end with our applications...

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Proje Hizmetleri

Urban Information System Applications

• Web Based Spatial Data Management
• UAVT Integrated Structure Formats
• Place of Work License
• Digital Archive Application
• Real Estates Information System Application
• Identity Sharing System Integration
• Title Deed Integration
• Building Inspection Application
• Plan Objections System
• Plan Modification Process Management
• MIS&GIS Integration
• Parks and Gardens Application
• Technical Works Application
• Survey Project Implementation
• Infrastructure Network Application
• Mobile Applications

Web Based Application

• Electronic Zoning Status
• Pharmacy On-Duty
• Interactive City Guide Application
• 3D City Guide Application
• Kiosk Application / Cemetery Information System

 Data Model Construction

• Arrangement of Base Data
• Arrangement of Cadastral Data
• System Integration of Numbering Data
• 1/1000 Scale Implementation Development Plan Arrangement Activities
• 1/5000 Scale Master Development Plan
• Building Digitalization using satellite imagery
• System Integration of Settlement Compliance Data
• System Integration of Waste water  - Potable water – Rainwater / Infrastructure Data
• Analysis Services for Construction without Permits
• Organization and Database Integration for Cemetery Information
• Provision of Satellite Imagery
• 360-Degree Imaging Fieldwork (measured + unmeasured)

Sustainable GIS

From the day when the concept was first proposed to the present, information systems have been adopted by various professions. Especially with the internet becoming widespread, web based information systems have been adopted and users have been enabled to access certain information over the internet. In this respect, an e-state policy was proposed in Turkey and a strategy was determined with the objective to provide state services online, to be implemented over time. Such projects as TAKBIS, UAVT, KPS, etc. can be given as examples towards this strategy.

It is essential to note that the installation of information systems is not the goal, but a tool to achieve the goal. Such systems provide data and information, as well as the hardware, required by decision makers in the course of their decision making.

It can be noted that Netcad GIS products, which are used by several public enterprises and organizations, were there when the foundations for standard data production were instituted. Thanks to KEOS, which is designed in compliance with a sustainable GIS infrastructure, several projects are being successfully used in e-state integration.

Proje Hizmetleri