Public Oriented Services

Public oriented applications enable municipalities to provide service to residents.  This method increases resident satisfaction, and fewer visits to the municipality mean that less customers must be served physically by the municipality.  This is a win-win solution for municipalities facing staff, space, and technical equipment shortages..


This is one of the most widely used products. Zoning status is provided for information purposes, based on section, parcel or address details. The system automatically references all plans published by the planning directorate. It uses the same data set that is used by the municipality for official zoning status operations.

City Guide

Important points of interest, useful for  daily activities in the city, such as important centers, shopping, dining, health institutions, places to visit, are published over satellite images. Current address information is also used as a base. It contributes substantially to the city’s economic development. Additionally, municipality service centers locations and information desks are published in the city guide.
Providing mapping support for promotion of municipality services guarantees convenient access to the information by the residents. For example, location of a newly opened cultural center can be displayed for a period of time on the mapping application homepage.

Pharmacy On-Duty

This is an add-on for the City Guide Application. When the relevant page opens, the pharmacy on-duty for that day is displayed on the map. Directions to the closest pharmacy for the entered address can be displayed. The application also provides telephone and address details of the pharmacy on-duty.

3-Dimensional City Guide

Land model and buildings provide the actual appearance of the city, thanks to the information provided in the city guide. All details of the city are displayed in a 3-D environment. By obtaining data from the organizational database in real-time, an always up-to-date information can be used to present buildings, roads and similar layers in 3D..

360-Degree Image

Maps are now visually richer thanks to the wide use of satellite images. However, space or aerial photos cannot reflect street arrangements; only roofs of buildings are displayed. Thanks to advanced technology specially designed vehicles drive around streets of the city and collect 360-degree panoramic images for every point in the city. This facility enables providing street view service to the residents. With the actual images of the city, the promotion of the city can be better realized..