Solutions for Municipalities

Since 1989, public enterprises and organizations have been providing more efficient and effective services using Netcad solutions that comply with international standards. The municipalities develop public oriented solutions using KEOS - Urban Automation System which allows them to keep up with the latest technological advances and to create sustainable systems in their institutions.

KEOS is now the choice of municipalities due to features that enable providing online services for residents by obtaining accurate, up-to-date and reliable data in a rapid manner, that engages municipality administration in the process thanks to its powerful reporting functionality and that integrates with other e-State applications, such as UAVT (National Address Database), KPS (Identity Sharing System) and Title Deed Integration, and comply with interoperability principles.

Before KEOS, After KEOS

Integrated with e-Goverment applications and MIS systems! Meet KEOS and feel the difference...

Public Oriented Services

Service right at citizens' fingertips with e-Zoning, City Guide, e-Cemetery, Kiosk, Pharmacy on Duty...

Manager Oriented Services

Managers save time with automatic reports for all subjects in relation to municipality works...

Mobile Solutions Everywhere

No more preliminary preparation for onsite works; meet iPad and Android applications...

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Belediye Çözümleri ve Kent Bilgi Sistemi

Using advance technologies, Netcad develops mobile solutions that enable public enterprises and organizations to access their data easily and rapidly on-site. Additionally, thanks to the online services included within the scope of KEOS, residents are provided the facility to track transactions without having to visit municipality offices.

Residents can inquire on zoning status by using "e-Zoning application", can see the details of points of interest on a map by accessing the map of the relevant district by using the City Guide application and can track using actual and coordinated pictures the current status of the existing borders of the district by using the NETCAD/360 technology. Municipalities, on the other hand, maintain the most current data and make use of this data through a process that allows them to gain income.

KEOS is used effectively by more than 800 municipalities in Turkey and continues adapting itself to create solutions for municipalities.

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The importance of Engineering Solutions

Municipalities are organizations providing zoning services. To provide these services, they need access to both technical tools and tools for analyses. Following zoning services, base maps are prepared and approved, followed by cadastral and property structures being digitalized and zoning plan activities commencing. When zoning plan development phase is completed through a multi-dimensional process, it is necessary for old cadastral parcels to be arranged and new borders of properties to be determined according to the new texture of the city.

After that phase, installations for roads, rainwater, waste water, telecommunication, power, gas and the infrastructure are needed. Then construction licenses are granted and the next step is construction of buildings. Hence, the city is in the process of being settled. Maintenance, repair and modification operations continue in the life cycle of the system, once the settlement process is over.

Netcad has developed approximately 25 software products in order to provide solutions for all the phases mentioned above. All modules operate in an integrated manner. They make complicated engineering calculations possible and maintain the results in the geographical information system in order to use them later in maintenance and analysis stages. Through this structure, Netcad has integrated CAD and GIS concepts successfully.

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